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Parkland College


In district for a student to attend Parkland is a little over $20,000 for the two years. We have given 5 scholarships in the last year, all new scholarships! They have ranged from $500 to $1500. These have been given to students finishing the program in their last semester to help with board costs, which are a little over $2000. Some scholarships have had requirements such as a letter of application, financial need, etc. A few scholarships, faculty have chosen based on their work ethic, care of patients and always financial need.               

                                                     Peg Boyce

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Scholar-Shot for Parkland Dental Hygiene!

Help IDDS bring additional funds to the Parkland Dental Hygiene program this year by selecting one of the options listed.  

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Join the growing list of Contributors 

$500     Heartland Bank
$500     Mitchem Dental
$400     Josh Hinkle/Remax
$300     Jeffrey Brunson, DDS
$300     Michael Ruffatto, DMD
$200     Mark Hudson, DMD
$100     Olumayomide Coker, DMD


Yardage Markers

$200   Jeff Brunson
$200   Curt Mitchem
$200   Todd Lindsey
$80     Jeff Troxell


$80     Jeff Brunson
$80     Curt Mitchem
$80     Ben Davis
$80     Cesar Alburez
$80     Scott Johnson
$40     Jeff Troxell


$20     Todd Lindsey

$20     Cash
$20     Cash
$20     Cash
$20     Cesar Alburez
$20     Kevin Bowie, Bowie Chiropractic

$290   Cash

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